we’re the marketing agency that the cannabis industry trusts.

What do you get when you combine an agency with three decades of marketing experience with the attribute of a cannabis enthusiast culture? We’re an agency that delivers on your goals because we understand your challenges, get the stigma, and have solutions backed by results. Your audience is enormous, anyone 21+ where recreational or medicinal cannabis is legal. That alone isn’t a persona. We can help you define your niche in that audience and hone in on the brand voice you want to project through branding, social media, websites, email marketing, product design, and videos.

We strive to be the best cannabis marketing agency,  and we’re here to provide you with helpful insights we’ve discovered from marketing in the cannabis industry over the years.

cannabis marketing services

We offer all the branding services your cannabis business may need. We’ll deliver the assets you need to successfully manage your cannabis business while staying compliant with visual brand identity, brand collateral, and product packaging.

We are a team that offers cannabis video production services. We handle everything from pre-production to post-production for cannabis businesses, including cannabis dispensaries, cultivations, and CBD lifestyle brands.

We design and develop cannabis eCommerce websites that integrate with leading cannabis inventory management and POS systems such as Leaf Logix and iHeartJane. As an ongoing relationship, we deliver and analyze dashboard reports and make informed cannabis website design decisions.

Our team can be your outsourced social media partner where we help with everything from social media strategy, product photography, social media graphics, content writing, publishing, social listening, and reporting.

Buying media in the cannabis industry has many challenges. We have the experience needed to successfully put together a media plan that stays compliant with your state's regulations.

cannabis seo

We’ve handled SEO audits for cannabis dispensaries as well as SEO optimization to improve businesses organic search results on Google and other search engines. Whether you’re a new cannabis business looking to start ranking or an established business looking to improve your keywords ranking, we’d love to help.

download our whitepaper: cannabis marketing strategies your business shouldn’t do without.

Cannabis isn’t federally legal, and this has caused much pain and heartache for cannabis businesses trying to compete legally at the state level. Nationally, in the United States, we’re talking about a multi-billion dollar industry, and we’re sure you’re looking to leverage a piece of that pie. This white paper delivers the scoop on some marketing challenges faced professionally due to strict regulations. And we’ll let you in on the solutions we’ve discovered through the obstacles in this regularly unguided industry.